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This week in Mudlet (12-19th June)

June 19th, 2011 by Vadi

Lots of Mudlet stuff happened this week, so here’s an update for those out of the loop.

keneanung updated the IRE mapping script and added goto area, among other things. The script was also updated to handle walking through rubble, icons, and received a number of mapping improvements – it now updates the room environment. It also won’t rename rooms when you’re flying or walking on a road anymore. A small, but annoying bit where ‘rf’ wouldn’t find the room if it ended with a dot (from copy/pasting) was fixed as well.

demonnic and Rayth has been busy this week improving Mudlet documentation on the wiki, getting the Lua API function listing into shape. Feel free to join in and help out – every 5mins helps!

chris has published an awesome cMud to Mudlet map importer script – this’ll be handy for those who built up extensive maps in cMud.

JerleMinara published a package that allows Mudlet to connect to Simutronics games – however it requires the final 2.0 release, which is unreleased yet. Stay tuned for when that’ll be available!

A rather notable Mudlet event, the Mudlet-based svo system for Achaea also entered early access this week as well.

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Mudlet vs. Cmud

June 19th, 2011 by Vadi

A post by Iocun on Achaean forums:

– Free
– Very fast
– Multi-platform
– You can do pretty much anything with it
– Under constant development
– You can make it look really pretty
– Scripting is based on a non-proprietary language (Lua), meaning you can use the acquired knowledge for other things as well
– A helpful community, both on the Mudlet forums and in its Achaean clan
– Really not all that difficult to learn (but that’s hard to generalize. I can’t speak for everyone.)

– Costs
– Much slower
– IMHO inherently less pretty
– Still rich in features though
– Is primarily intended to be used with its own scripting language, making the knowledge less applicable for other things, but offering the advantage of being easier to learn if you already knew zMud. I think you can use Lua in it as well though.
– Again: Easy to learn if you know zMud.
– Not all that difficult to learn initially either
– No idea about how helpful the in-game clan is, having never been in it, but it’s still a widely spread client for which you will be able to get plenty of help.
– Better in-client documentation than Mudlet.

Both are decent clients, but personally I don’t know why you’d want to pay for a client that does the same things slower and uglier than a free one. I have some rather complex and big scripts which I couldn’t even have dreamed of running in zMud. Cmud would have made it somewhat more feasible, but some of my scripts (mostly my own curing system and mapper) would still bog it down horribly.

That’s just a personal opinion, but it’s one that comes from a knowledgeable source!

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New script: cMud map importer

June 18th, 2011 by Vadi

chris on the forums has published a script that’ll import your cMud map into Mudlet’s mapper. Check it out or recommend to a friend in need!

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2.0-rc8 for Macs

June 9th, 2011 by Vadi

Thanks for all of the active Mac testers, our new Mac package has been steaming along. Here’s the latest update for it which is pretty much complete.

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2.0-rc6 for Macs – please test

June 4th, 2011 by Vadi

Heiko has setup a build environement for Macs (we still don’t have an actual Mac, but this’ll do in the meantime…) and released his version of the 2.0-rc6 update for Macs. This is a brand-new package and is quite an upgrade from 2.0-rc1, so we’d appreciate it if you gave it through testing and provided feedback on our forums (download).

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