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Mudlet 3.0.1

April 12th, 2017

A quick bugfix release to 3.0.0 – if you haven’t upgraded before, now’s the time!

Search visible by default

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Search area is now visible by default again, similar to how it was in 2.1. The redundant ‘Search’ button was removed to save space on smaller screens and a new collapse/expand button is in place.

Experimental map formats enabled

You can now choose to save your maps in versions 17 and 18 in Preferences > Special Options. Technically speaking, you could choose to save your maps in 3.0.0 in newer formats as well, but it then wouldn’t be able to load them – now it can.

Map format 17 allows you to use map and area user data functions – similar to room userdata that was available already. See searchAreaUserData(), setAreaUserData(), clearAreaUserData(), clearAreaUserDataItem(), getAreaUserData(), getAllAreaUserData(), setMapUserData(), clearMapUserData(), clearMapUserDataItem(), getMapUserData(), getAllMapUserData().

Map format 18 will save your players location when copying maps to other profiles.


Other improvements include:

  • southwest exit can now be cleared in room exits dialog
  • settings are no longer stored in Mudlet and mudlet in case-sensitive filesystems
  • variables ticked to be saved in the Variables view will no longer crash Mudlet for profiles that use autologin

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  1. SlySven

    Format 18 should also load a bit faster, especially for Areas with very large Room counts as the way the detail of the Rooms in an Area is stored has been revised to be faster to interrogate and there is no need in 18 to convert between the old and the new way on loading/saving…

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