Mudlet The Mud Client



   Mudlet 2.1 (Windows) (10.5 MiB, 37,662 downloads)

   Mudlet 3.0.0-delta (Windows) (24.0 MiB, 20,084 downloads)

   Mudlet 3.0.0-epsilon (Windows) (31.9 MiB, 369 downloads)

On Windows 10, you need to click on "More Info" and select "Run Anyway" to launch the installer.
SHA1: 0a3d07c383d4d2caa455bee0b4ef3480e1eb2e1b


Add the Mudlet PPA first if you haven’t (ppa:mudlet-makers/ppa, instructions on how to add), and then install Mudlet through the Ubuntu Software Center to have the latest version:

Download for Ubuntu button


   Mudlet 2.1 (Macs) (27.6 MiB, 13,780 downloads)

   Mudlet 3.0.0-delta (Mac) (14.9 MiB, 4,310 downloads)

   Mudlet 3.0.0-epsilon (Mac) (15.1 MiB, 69 downloads)

SHA1: 35321095c8f90f0e1ebdb5b8064d744c4ed78988

After downloading, you need to right-click and select Open to run Mudlet.


These are self-contained installers – after downloading, right-click on the file, select Properties, Permissions, and enable Allow executing file as program. If you’re on Ubuntu, use the Ubuntu PPA instead of these installers, as the PPA give you automatic Mudlet updates.

   Mudlet 2.1 (Linux 32bit) (15.6 MiB, 3,053 downloads)

   Mudlet 2.1 (Linux 64bit) (16.0 MiB, 4,293 downloads)

   Mudlet 3.0.0-delta (Linux 32bit) (15.6 MiB, 1,283 downloads)

   Mudlet 3.0.0-delta (Linux 64bit) (16.5 MiB, 2,214 downloads)

   Mudlet 3.0.0-epsilon (Linux 32bit) (15.7 MiB, 31 downloads)

SHA1: 602978b00f99b37a9ed129bd428f81c50af89f1a

   Mudlet 3.0.0-epsilon (Linux 64bit) (16.6 MiB, 53 downloads)

SHA1: 75df459e469253729c6fc07089d3428a49a41f59

Source Code

Source code (browse) is available via git: git clone

   Mudlet 3.0.0-delta (Source code) (9.4 MiB, 1,267 downloads)

   Mudlet 3.0.0-epsilon (Source code) (6.7 MiB, 17 downloads)

SHA1: 9be17cdddba7ac1559ba35ed4e12766e1a8289f5