One year after starting translating Mudlet in June 2018, here is another summary:

  • More and more people help translating Mudlet client into their native languages. Thanks to all helpers!
  • Two languages are close to grab the 3rd gold star soon: Russian (100 texts left) and Italian (250 texts)
  • Translation stats will now be calculated and updated automatically for you – see details below
  • Mudlet website is now also available in German language – see

Feel free to join and translate Mudlet into more languages!
Chat to us on discord or right here :)

Now if you don’t want to wait for my next summary at all, just go to Mudlet’s github presence and find a pull request by the name of “New Crowdin translations”. Thanks to keneanung you can now find a list of languages and their progression always updated there. At the same time, you can download a test version of Mudlet with your latest translation included already, so you can more easily review the changes you made!

For example as of writing, here is that pull request and it shows the following translation stats:

language translated untranslated percentage done
de_DE 1911 34 98
el_GR 0 1945 0
en_GB 411 1534 21
en_US 11 0 100
es_ES 743 1202 38
fr_FR 200 1745 10
it_IT 1596 349 82
nl_NL 46 1899 2
pl_PL 515 1430 26
pt_PT 262 1683 13
ru_RU 1753 192 90
zh_CN 1005 940 51
zh_TW 0 1945 0

Which can be drawn like this:

Translation progress in June 2019

As you can see, there are almost 2000 texts to translate in total, and different languages are on their way.

Not drawn are the following languages and that’s why:

  • English (US) – Only plural forms, like SlySven explained
  • English (UK) – Only spelling differences, see SlySven
  • Greek – Translation not started at all
  • Chinese (Traditional) – Not started either, instead started Chinese (Simplified) as drawn above

Let us know if you want to help translating a few dozen texts, or tackle a new language not even listed here… :)