The Makers

The Mudlet Makers are people who contribute to, and work on, Mudlet and Here’s the team so far:

Vadim Peretokin (vperetokin): Project Lead, UI designer, website, forums, and wiki admin, Lua interface maintainer, promotion and general administration.

Heiko Koehn (koehnheiko): Project Lead, Mudlet core coding, retired.

Chris Mitchell (chrismudlet): Mudlet mapper and core coding.

Demonnic (demonnic): IRC management, Mudlet design contributor, server administration.

Ben Carlsen ():  developed the MAC OSX installer. He is the maintainer of the MAC version of Mudlet

John Dahlstrom (johndahlstrom): Lua API design.

thorwil (t-w-): Artist – website, forum design and artwork for Mudlet.

Nickpick (joen-d): documentation, QA, user interface.

xtian (xtian-avalon): QA, Mudlet design contributor.

Ramiel (leigh-stillard): documentation, QA, windows binaries and installer.

Bruno Bigras (brunoqc): Mudlet core coding.

Larkin (larkin-dischai): Mudlet design contributor.


This list isn’t complete. More members can be found on Github:
and Launchpad:



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