Mudlet emerges from the vacation hibernation to deliver the next update!

FieryMUD in Mudlet defaults

Welcome to the world of Ethilien … and welcome FieryMUD to Mudlet!

Credit: FieryMUD

Ethilien, a world once ravaged by gods run amok. Amid this world, on the eastern continent of Caelia, lies the classical power struggle of good and evil, righteous vs demonic.


Only after being spared through the might of the all-father, Metamorpho, creator and progenator of Ethilien, has Caelia began to recover from the evils caused during the rift.


However, under the cover of darkness do new evils arise to bring upheaval and strife as whispers of a mysterious and once forgotten clan bring hope of surviving the chaos to ensue.

FieryMUD is now accessible out of the box on Mudlet :)

Want to add your game to Mudlets list of defaults? Check out the requirements. It’s absolutely free to do :)


Joining creplace and replace is hreplace() by demonnic! As the h implies, this allows you to use hex codes in your colour echoes.

Check it out!

    hreplace("#EE00EE[ALERT!]: ROBOTS!")


Ever wanted to be able to delete a label? SlySven has made it so! deleteLabel() is now available as a function.

Note that if you intend to show the label again at some point, it is much more efficient to hide/show it instead rather than recreate it all the time.


You can now retrieve the height/width of an image so you can create a label of the appropriate height – particularly handy if you download an image from the internet, for example! vadi2 added this.

Turkish translation

Turkish has been added as a possible translated language in Mudlet – thanks to Ömer Albulak for stepping up to translate!

Can you help translate Mudlet into Turkish? Or another language? Join in. Great way to kill time if you commute by public transport every day, by the way!

A couple of (new) functions

Strictly speaking, these aren’t new, but got out missed out in our documentation. The following friends join the list: creplace(), dreplace(), and unzip().

In future plans…

As you know, our current focus is on improving the first-time players experience with Mudlet!

Another important area of development for Mudlet is better accessibility – so blind players can use Mudlet. Since everyone on the team is already busy with the roadmap, we are thinking of putting up a bounty on this to encourage developer(s) to join in and help us on this front. Watch for more news on this front!


Thanks to all coders: Delra, demonnic, keneanung, mpconley, SlySven, stridera, and vadi2.

Thanks to all translators for their work on this as well!

Looking for contributors

Got a passion for Mudlet and text gaming? Help us work on the dream :) We’d love more people who are talented with design, documentation, programming, or translation to join our team!



  • Fierymud to the default list. Check it out!
  • hreplace() as an option (so you can use hex codes)
  • Turkish language as an option in Mudlet. Help us translate it!
  • deleteLabel() to delete a label (hiding/showing is much more efficient though)
  • getImageSize() for getting the dimensions of an image (such as one you download from the web)


  • sendMSDP() argument checking – thanks to Delra for this one!
  • outdated 3Kingdoms mapper removed – generic one is better at this point


  • IRC window will now close when the last profile is closed
  • downloading a Mudlet map via Client.Map for the for the first time works
  • setModulePriority() can now be called right after a module is installed


  • sped up cases where colour is used in Mudlet with the new QColorConstants
  • fixed compilation with the 3D mapper disabled (needed for Mudlet on Raspberry Pi)
  • internal label code simplified not to require a Host anymore
  • streamlined all of the c/d/hreplace functions to share code

4.5.1 is a patch release adding the missed getImageSize() function and updates autocompletion tooltips.

4.5.2 restores the updater, and fixes module priorities not to get lost. As the updater was broken due to human error, you will need to manually update from 4.5.1-de to this version. Mudlet isn’t off to a great 2020 start just like the rest of the world :)