Want to help the cause? You don’t have to be a programmer to help us out – there are lots of things we could use help on:

Spreading the Word

Just use Mudlet and encourage others to as well!

Issues & Suggestions

Spotted something confusing on our website? Have a feature suggestion, or found a bug in Mudlet? Please let us know by filing a report on Github (preferred) or just contact us directly.


Our docs could always use some help in being more user-friendly and explanatory. If you can write or proof-read, help us out on the wiki!

Training test robots

We gotta train robots to test Mudlet so we can make changes to it without breaking stuff. Well, at least when we break stuff, for robots to give a heads up before you guys start complaining. Here’s how it looks – you’re keen to help, get in touch!


Of course, we could always use coding help too. If you’re familiar with C++ or Lua (and optionally, the Qt toolkit), feel free to dive in. You can browse the code online, or download the current git version with this command:

git clone


We invest a massive amount of time into the project and give Mudlet away for free, but we do incur costs, for example but not limited to: code signing certificates and hosting our website. We could also use the money to assist other open-source projects we use of, as well as split it between the core developers.

Appreciate Mudlet? Chip in a bit.


We’ve got a Patreon as well with some pretty cool stuff. Check it out!