Download Mudlet

   Mudlet 3.4.0 (Windows) (34.4 MiB)

shs256: d0d0dde164e1eb7224d5568f03823fea02875da438744fc2524f58783c8a961f

   Mudlet 3.4.0 (macOS) (15.8 MiB)

sha256: 5db3b751bdca324d8cc37db1f38d3f93600fbf0c722b4691f0f6d25274b02183

After downloading, you need to right-click and select Open to run Mudlet.

Please use the Linux AppImage below on Ubuntu - the PPA is unable to be updated at the moment.

   Mudlet 3.4.0 (Linux) (27.0 MiB)

sha256: dfb020c5c3dab03abf39f226e291f97f5cd180e924b8fdf4aa3e148f6a6b6d5e

   Mudlet 3.4.0 (Linux) (27.0 MiB)

sha256: dfb020c5c3dab03abf39f226e291f97f5cd180e924b8fdf4aa3e148f6a6b6d5e

This is a portable version of Mudlet - after downloading, extract the launcher somewhere permanent and use it to launch Mudlet.

   Mudlet 3.4.0 (Source code) (4.1 MiB)

sha256: 67a8fe099d13cfd242edd2df17ff42409541a48e465239e7938739ab0bc791ac

Older installers for Mudlet are available here.

Source code for the latest Mudlet (browse on Github) is also available via git:
git clone --recursive --branch master

Mudlet 3.4 – various improvements

Change font size in userwindows itsTheFae added the ability to change the font size in userwindows - and additionally miniconsoles or the main window - with setFontSize(): getFontSize() is also available to retrieve the current font size. Case-sensitive search You can...

Mudlet 3.3.1 – new code editor, new IRC, and utf8 in Lua support!

A new Mudlet 3.3.1 is here! This release brings in a whole new editor for Lua code, a completely revamped IRC window, and utf8 in Lua!

Mudlet 3.3 – new code editor, new IRC, and utf8 in Lua support!

Note: we've pulled the 3.3 release as it has a crash issue - have a look at 3.3.1 as it's got all the fixes!

Mudlet 3.2

Finally welcoming summer in the northern hemisphere, Mudlet 3.2.0 is here. Mudlet can display text in many other languages now, coroutines are available, and userwindows (stand-alone miniconsoles) have been massively improved! Encoding in Mudlet Veteran Mudlet...

Mudlet 3.1.0

Like clockwork, a new Mudlet release is here with a ton of improvements across the board. Enhancement to multiplaying A feature that'll come in quite handy where MUDs allow you to play multiple characters at once - you can now have one profile talk to other profiles...