Mudlet is a platform with which you can play multiplayer, pure-text online games – called MUDs, precursors to today’s online games. There are thousands of unique worlds online – download Mudlet on Windows/macOS/Linux, join one and enjoy.

Mudlet’s goal is sustaining and improving on online text gaming.

But why is it that we at Mudlet do what we do? Why do we sit down to build the project on the weekend? Or before writing a PhD thesis? Or after a full day of doing construction? Real people working on Mudlet are doing this, and at the end of the day, it’s because –

We aim to build the best text gaming experience possible to nurture & grow this niche scene.

Many of us have different reasons for this passion. Some have been playing these games from the 90’s, some have been captivated by the rich experience they can deliver, while others just love the ability to code in them. We appreciate we’re not the only ones doing this either – the more projects are involved in this, the better.

We see the results of our own efforts: we’ve heard stories of successful careers in software engineering thanks to first having started copy/pasting code around in Mudlet, stories of people who’ve built relationships online together, and stories of people who love relaxing after a difficult day at work. We are making the world a little bit better in our own way.

There’s a myth in the MUDs community that we’d like to dispell: one that MUDs are dying. They’re not. We’ve seen this time and time again over the decade that Mudlet has existed: our community is growing. Of course, part of that could be due to people switching from other software onto Mudlet: but that’s not necessarily our goal. Our goal is to add new players to the community. As part of it, we’re working on making sure the client is accessible and understandable to anyone who just downloads it from the web with no context: admittedly, at the moment it’s quite a high bar to figure out what’s going on.

Thus, Mudlet’s vision is: building the best text gaming experience possible to nurture & grow this niche scene. We believe we can build it better, we can bring more players to the genre, and we’d love to help it grow.

– Vadi.