Mudlet A cross-platform, open source, and super fast MUD client with scripting in Lua



   Mudlet 3.0.0 (Windows) (27.9 MiB, 567 downloads)

sha256: 2ef8941f6533855d179c7fa96932c255af6c33c87f9bf9c250d3886ab15f3bd4

As the 3.0 release is new, Windows SmartScreen does not trust it entirely yet. Click on More info to get the Run anyway button to show.


Add the Mudlet PPA first if you haven’t (ppa:mudlet-makers/ppa, instructions on how to add), and then install Mudlet through the Ubuntu Software Center to have the latest version:

Download for Ubuntu button


   Mudlet 3.0.0 (macOS) (14.7 MiB, 126 downloads)

sha256: ff255617dc3b566529f3147d1c4b6a4a200344bbe2925788a26cd115b5f0cfff

After downloading, you need to right-click and select Open to run Mudlet.


This is a portable version of Mudlet – after downloading, extract the launcher somewhere permanent and use it to launch Mudlet. If you’re on Ubuntu, use the Ubuntu PPA instead of these installers, as the PPA give you automatic Mudlet updates.

   Mudlet 3.0.0 (Linux 64bit) (29.0 MiB, 48 downloads)

sha256: 065d144ade72b97989269b79b037363be030c7056bf7a9aec86dc9d7fdc0540f

   Mudlet 3.0.0 (Linux 32bit) (27.3 MiB, 11 downloads)

sha256: 6162c8db7d8efd35a6dd01f8e4d68509958a786f299726980cba549664c2570f

Source code & older releases

Older installers for Mudlet are available here.

Source code (browse) is available via git: git clone

   Mudlet 3.0.0 (Source code) (4.8 MiB, 40 downloads)

sha256: 524d322ae085fbce77a538bc39831816fe4e3b9593d5c4da84621701613bb684