A breakdown of some interesting statistics in the world of Mudlet.

MUD gamers of the world unite.

In a true sense of open data and free information, Mudlet’s Project Leader Vadim Peretokin would like to announce the availability of statistical data on Mudlet’s web servers via stats.mudlet.org.

In the last year Mudlet has been downloaded over 100,000 times, averaging 1500+ downloads each and every week and peeking to over 6000 when version 4.17 was released.

While highlighting the vast geographical locations MUD players represent from Albania to Zambia, the majority of players hail from North America, Europe and Asia. This is no surprise as Mudlet has now started to be translated into 20 different languages (although Pirate English may not be an official language). Translating is a great way to help with the Mudlet project.

With the website pushing over 20GB per day of content our top MUD game referrers are Legends of the Jedi, Flexible Survival and Carrion Fields. Check out our Download Mudlet goal for March to get a peek at the interesting stats:

A big thanks to all servers who support Mudlet as their top choice of gaming client!

Want more info or wish to collaborate? Find me as Zooka on Mudlet’s Discord server.