We’ve accomplished quite a lot with Mudlet in 2017!

This year we’ll be be aiming for Mudlet 4.0, where the main focus is internalization, so people all around the world can play on Mudlet. There’s Spanish, Russian, Greek, Italian, Chinese, you-name-it MUDs out there and it would be great if they could all use Mudlet on Windows, macOS, and Linux!

Following that, we’d like to help make Mudlet 5.0 friendlier to newbies. A mapper script that works on many games is pretty vital, our forums get a lot of searches for mapping scripts. Having a graphical interface installed by default that works on many games would be pretty appealing to beginners as well.

Once we have that in, we’ll work on expanding into the “greater wild” as Mudlet will be more approachable by complete newbies to the MUD genre. Get Mudlet into Steam, Windows store and so on.

These are the high-level aims we will have – along the way we’re sure to find a host of other improvements to add as well. Mudlet is a community effort, built continuously for over a decade, so you’re also welcome to join in and help out!

Edit: updated roadmap for 2019.