What’s been happening?

We’ve been busy defining the basic structure and design of Mudlet, and doing some initial coding.

Initial Progress

Mudlet now has basic networking, and ansi to html conversion. So at this stage, it’s essentially a basic telnet client! Here’s proof that it works (ignore the UI, we were testing things out):

It also features basic support for Adium’s Message Styles (blueprint) – which will later be one of the main features of the client :)

Switched to Qt

We’ve decided to switch to Qt, as that would help produce the client faster (Heiko is more used to it). Quality of the interface as a result will suffer somewhat, since Qt isn’t exactly designed for quality UI’s and HIG compliance but rather commercial applications and fast deployment. Oh well! It’s not all too bad, since we still be able to accomplish majority of the goals, but quicker even.

Release Plan

We’ve decided to go by the #.# numbering scheme, which means 0.1 will be the first release of the client, and 1.0 will be the first end-user ready release. The source code the client will be released on the 0.1 release, at which point everyone will be welcome to collaborate and code on the client. We’re just holding off for now because there are still major changes undergoing (and major parts are unfinished!), so it’s not much use at this stage.

What’s coming?

We’ll open up the forums soon and allowing everyone to post their ideas on what features should be present in Mudlet, and nearing the 0.1 release. Stay tuned!

And, of course, I’ll be doing the updates more regularly – university year just started, so I was quite busy initially.