Over the last week we’ve been working on optimizing Mudlets display and several other things like autocompletion.


As you know, we’re currently using a very fancy HTML display. This is what allows us to have the nice-looking MUD Styles. The downside of this is that it is slower than plain text rendering, though. So Heiko over the past week optimized the html code that’s generated for display, which did a help some. But to help those on low-end computers and people who’s really into speed, Heiko implemented a secondary – plain text, no MUD styles display. The initial performance tests on this display are very promising.

Text completion

Heiko also implemented autocompletion and tab completion this week. You can see the details of that in this thread.


The script editor (where you can make/edit your stuff like aliases and triggers) received several touch-ups this week. Next up are the main window, along with a dialog for MUD Styles and packages!