1.1.1 is out for all platforms, go grab it now. This is mainly a bugfix release and also features full support for Aardwolf’s 102 subchannel (similar to ATCP in IRE muds).


  • command line height is now customizable: fixing a bug on macs where it would become too small for letters to fit in. This also means that you can set it to be two-line or three-line always and such. See the Input line tab of settings.
  • trigger editor received some sizing improvements
  • color triggers now highlight the whole line, including last character
  • lag on sending commands to Aardwolf that was introduced with 1.1.0 fixed
  • Fixed an import/export profile bug introduced with 1.1.0
  • added build.sh, cmake works now
  • Aardwolf: full support for the 102 information sub-channel See manual!