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Mudlet Mapper – testers wanted

April 29th, 2010

An early version of the Mudlet Mapper has been posted, and we’d love to have your early feedback on it so we can shape it to be better. See for details.

Note: the release linked is for Windows, but the Mapper works fine on all platforms as Mudlet does.

Note2: the mapper utilizes ATCP and MMP technologies to provide a seamless experience – no mapping is necessary, and the mapper doesn’t get lost. As IRE games are the only ones to use them at the moment, the preview works only for them – but of course in the future, we’ll work on mapping and non-ATCP room detection capabilities. Remember this is an early preview!

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2 Responses

  1. king

    Don’t mind if I ask, but is there an ETA, or just a vague guess, on how long before it is ready for other non-ATCP MUDS?

  2. Vadi

    None at the moment, sorry. This done on free time and that comes and goes – of course with more help, it’ll get done faster :)