2.0-test8 is now available for Windows, OSX and Linux!

This update brings more improvements all around in the client and the mapper! It also fixes the miniconsoles border bug that appeared between test5 and test7, so miniconsoles are fine and proper again.

Custom exit lines

Mapper-wise, there have been several feature improvements. Custom exit lines are now finished – this feature allows you to draw exits on the map that geographically don’t quite make sense:

Custom exit lines – dotted style

To create them, select and then right-click on the room you’d like the line to originate from. Select ‘custom exit line’ to spawn a dialog, where you’ll want to choose the line style (dotted, solid, dashed, dashed-dotted or dashed-dotted-dotted), line color, and optionally, whener the line should have an arrow pointing at the end. Then click on the direction of the original room you’d like the line to start from to begin drawing it. Once you do that, left click on the map to put points down of the line – and when you reach the destination room, right-click to stop drawing it.

If you’ve drawn your line and feel that it’s less than perfect, you can fix it up. Left-click on the line to select it – doing so will cause all of the points to light up, which you can hold by left-clicking and dragging about:

Lastly, right-clicking on the line will offer you the option of deleting it.

Room expand/shrink

The the room expand and shrink features were completed. To use them, select a group of rooms, right-click on one of them and select expand or shrink – and enter the factor by which to expand or shrink all exits inbetween.

Mudlet maps as .pngs

You can now export Mudlet areas as separate images! Use the exportAreaImage(areaid) to save the picture of the area into your profile folder. Try it out, the maps look amazing! Here is an example map of the Lithmeria MUD.

Quicker grid maps

Gridmaps in the mapper got improved and optimized – and now scrolling about and zooming is much, much quicker. A gridmap can be used to represent large ASCII maps – wildernesses or like. To turn an area into grid mode, do setGridMode(areaid, true).

Module manager updates

The Module manager was updated with an improved UI and an ability to synchronize modules across other profiles that are open in Mudlet. As well as that, each module can have a help URL specified now, which will open when the user clicks Module Help on the selected module.


Maximized window

Mudlet will now spawn maximized if that’s how you closed it – particularly useful on Ubuntu, as you won’t need to maximize it again manually now if you prefer it that way.

API additions

New functions have been introduced for scripters:

  • installPackage() – a way to install xmls and Mudlet packages via script.
  • exportAreaImage() – exports Mudlets mappers rendering of an area to your profile folder.
  • createMapLabel() was updated – it now allows you to specify whenever the label should be on top or below rooms, and whenever it should be scaled or stay a static size.
  • createMapImageLabel() – allows you to insert image labels (to serve as backgrounds or anything else) on the map.
  • setMapZoom() – allows you to zoom the map – so if you don’t have a scrollwheel, you could use this to zoom on the map.

That covers the major changes. There were other improvements as well – see the full changelog. Note that this post only encompasses changed since test7 – there were loads of features added between test4 and test7, too.