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Updated Linux installers

September 21st, 2013

The generic Linux installers have been updated to include the recent libhunspell library that they require, since some older systems (ie, Ubuntu 10.10) provide an older version than Mudlet requires.

In other news, development on Mudlet 3.0 is steadily coming along as well! Mudlet is also five years old now, with work having started back in August 2008.

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5 Responses

  1. trowtow

    Great news! Happy 5 year birthday on your excellent project!

  2. sangeet

    great job on the client folks! wish you all the best, don’t stop! :)

  3. Izak Flash Man

    Yeah wow, grat’s on the birthday! I remember when this wasn’t even a year old.

  4. Ally

    Trying to install on linux – Ubuntu 12 – the PPA is still version 2.0, The installer version fails when run – not finding libquazip (and everything I try can not get that to install) and the source wont compile for a number of dependencies – anyone going to update the PPA soon?

  5. Vadi

    Hello – the PPA does not need updating as it is kept up to date for Ubuntu 12.04 already, see how lists 2.1.