Hey everyone!

Another 3.0 preview is available today. We’ve made a few minor improvements to the client, but most importantly, this release fixes a crashing bug introduced with epsilon.

Fixed profile creation

Creating a profile on Mudlet 3.0.0-epsilon would crash the client – no longer. This has been fixed and you can create new profiles fine now.

Default MUD listings change

Midkemia Online was removed from the list of default profiles, as it has been shut down. The Wheel of Time MUD (http://www.wotmud.org), a MUD played by one of our contributors, has taken its place.

Along with the listing change, the connection dialog has been fixed back not to duplicate the profile name under the profile icon, which has the name already.



getRoomUserData() behaviour restored

getRoomUserData()‘s behaviour of returning an empty string, “”, when no room user data is available was inadvertently changed to return nil+error message instead in epsilon. This can break compatibility with existing Mudlet scripts, which is something we care a lot about. The function has been fixed to return “” as it did before, and if you’d like it to return nil+error message, you can now use a third boolean argument to the function to specify the behaviour.

That’s it for this 3.0 preview! We’re inching closer to the 3.0 final release, with just a few bugs (http://goo.gl/YrT40J) introduced since 2.1 left to fix.