This northern summer we’ve focused on adding some long-standing feature requests and improvements to Mudlet. Enjoy!

New feature – expiring triggers

You can now make temporary triggers expire after a firing a certain amount of times, 4 times in this example:
tempExactMatchTrigger("You have recovered balance on all limbs.", 
  function() echo("Got balance back!\n") end,
You can also have a trigger avoid counting when it fired towards expiration by returning true.  This example will match the prompt 2 times, unless the prompt is “55 health.”
  if line == "55 health." then return true end
end, 2)
All trigger types support this new functionality added by vadi2, so check the manual for more examples.

New feature – profile autosave

Building on the earlier work that made profile saving quicker, vadi2 added profile autosave to Mudlet. It’ll save your work every 2 min, so in case of a sudden computer shutdown or anything else, not having saved the profile won’t result in hours of work lost. This feature is efficient and it’ll create just one backup for autosave.
Auto-saved profiles will appear with a small icon in the list:

Signed Windows installer

We’ve put out a call for donations last October to help us raise funds so the Windows installer can be “signed” – and we’re like to thank the community, especially Iron Realms for answering the call.

The Windows installer looks a lot better now and will be less of a hassle with anti-virus protection!

Long-time Mudlet user and want to donate? You can!

Translation efforts

While we’re still working on getting translations people have done back into Mudlet, we’d like to shout out to all of the people who volunteered to translate Mudlet into their language on Crowdin:
Alessio Albertoni (a.albertoni), Bartłomiej Fraszczyk (bartek.fraszczyk), comisat, dermox, eblisade, eckol, Eric Oestrich (oestrich), Evan (evan.dorpsgek), Faenriis, Hagalnae, heypnus, Héctor Luaces (mordisko), Iacopo Fontanelli (uccio79), Kae (itsTheFae), keneanung, Leris, lrvy, madpuppy, Marco Tironi (wiploo), Mikhail Balanov (realsonic3), mtirado1, Stephen Lyons (SlySven), Vadim Peretokin (vperetokin), Vlad Kasantsev (vladkasantsev), and Игорь Антонов (antigr16).
Special thanks to Leris who has been coordinating translation efforts, as well as TheFae who is helping the infrastructure.

Starting new maps

If you’re using a mapping script tailored for your game, starting a new map would be easy, or you’d even have a map available to you for use already. If you aren’t, though, and you’d like to map the game out by hand, things are a little difficult.
This release vadi2 added a right-click option on the blank map area that allows you to either load a map or create a new one right away:


The new logging settings will now correctly save and single-line copy won’t add blank spaces at the start (while multi-line copy will, to preserve nice alignment). Profile notes will now also get saved correctly when you just close one profile – previously, they saved when you closed entire Mudlet. Thanks to SlySven for doing this work.
All in all, there have been 1,002 contributions (PRs) to Mudlet since we moved to Github! It’s a bit of a milestone for us and you too can join in to improve Mudlet! 88% of those PRs have been merged,


Thanks to basooza, keneanung, Leris, SlySven, and vadi2 for the code improvements in this release!


  • added: expiring temporary triggers
  • added: getGridMode()
  • added: profile autosave
  • added: toggle for show icons in menus
  • added: windows installers are now signed (less problems with AV installing/upgrading)
  • fixed: changing main window background will apply changes immediately
  • fixed: logging settings are now saved correctly
  • fixed: single-line copy won’t introduce blank spaces
  • fixed: notepad will save when just one profile is closed
  • improved: Lua error messages are more intuitive now for selectCurrentLine(), isAnsiFgColor(), isAnsiBgColor(), getFgColor(), getBgColor(), wrapLine(), selectCaptureGroup(), getLines(), getCurrentLine(), and echoPopup()
  • improved: Mudlet now sends a correct response for MXP <supports>
  • improved: You can now create new maps by right-clicking on the empty map
  • infrastructure: updated 3rd party dependencies on windows