We’re back from summer, freshly recharged, so here is a new Mudlet update! In this version you’ll find a new game with a Mudlet UI, plus improvements to the mapper, command lines, and colour rendering.

Legends of Jedi

A new game joins Mudlet’s connection screen!

Legends of the Jedi is a text-based roleplaying experience that immerses players in a multiplayer world where they can rewrite classic Star Wars stories with their own heroes, villains, battles, and endings. Over the course of each two-year timeline, the game explores all the key eras of the Star Wars Expanded Universe.


Take and hold planets as an Imperial Stormtrooper, command the Rebel navy and liberate the galaxy, pursue targets as a bounty hunter, or shape things on a larger scale as a member of the Galactic Senate. Maybe you’ll even be one of the few born with force sensitivity, destined to be trained by Jedi or Sith.


The game offers an extensive crafting system for engineers to supply weapons, armor, and ships to the galaxy. Develop new, cutting-edge armaments to give your side an edge, or open a shop in a bustling commercial district and become wealthy as part of a powerful engineering conglomerate.


LOTJ offers full PVP in both ground and space combat, governed by a set of rules to minimize griefing and ensure that all kills have sufficient in-character cause.


What role will you play? The legend awaits!

Smoother map scrolling

ktunkiewicz took a stab at improving the mapper once again – and fixed the map scrolling to work like you’d expect it to, regardless of the zoom level:


Now it feels like it should on any map app :)

Command line improvements

SlySven and chrio worked on improving the command line – it’ll now no longer ‘jump’ a little bit the first time you use it, and line wrapping. There’s new commands to visually select text in the command line, too!

Screenshot of the command line

Command line wrapping before

Screenshot of the command line

Improved command line wrapping after

256 colours harmonized

Mudlet’s rendering xterm256 colours will now look similar to other MUD clients thanks to Kilbukas:

(old) Mudlet 4.12 and below

(new) Mudlet 4.13+

If you’ve thought colours looked a bit better, this would have been why!

Custom profile colour

Speaking of colours, MrZaus added an option to customise the profile colour on the connection screen!

createMapLabel improved

The createMapLabel function now allows you to choose the font, text, and background transparency for map labels – giving you more flexibility in creating nice-looking Mudlet maps.

Map labels can go above and below rooms

Custom right-click actions

While you previously could have made specific text in the window clickable, you couldn’t add to the general right-click menu that showed up. Say, for example, you wanted to select some text, right-click, and do something with the selection? Well, now you can thanks to addMouseEvent, getMouseEvents and removeMouseEvent by Kilbukas.

This joins existing functionality where you can add custom right-click menu actions to the mapper already.


Thanks to all coders who made this release possible: atari2600tim, chrio, Damian Monogue, Ian Adkins, Kamil Tunkiewicz, Kebap, keneanung, Manuel Wegmann, Matthew Wagner, MrZaus, Piotr, Richard Moffitt, Slobodan Terzić, Stephen Lyons, Tomas Seniunas, and Vadim Peretokin.

And of course all the translators who are translating Mudlet into their native language: Alan Sneath (alsneath), eplis, Hsin-Hsiang Peng (Hsins), hyperi (osakki), Jim Lu (kimiwajim), Leris, Marco “M0lid3us” Tironi (wiploo), olen, Sirith (Senareil), vingi, VVsxmja, and 晉豪許 (gridwing).


4.13.0 was skipped as it had a small bug in ansi2decho() – so we’ve fixed it up before getting it out to you.

Check out the changelog below, quite a few goodies for scripters in here:

🆕 added

  • ability to define custom color in profile buttons in connection dialog
  • closestColor() function for finding the best match out of color_table
  • selectCmdLineText() to make command line text selected
  • get and set state of push-down-buttons
  • Legends of the Jedi as a default game
  • mouse menu actions to windows
  • notarization to macOS builds
  • pause, stop, and resume functions to complement speedwalk()
  • selectCaptureGroup() will work with named capture groups
  • shortcuts to navigate editor between triggers, aliases, etc

✨ improved

  • adjusted the 256 color conversion to match other clients
  • descriptive window title now shows for the alias/trigger/script editor
  • fix incorrect height adjustment of the command line
  • fixed a fair bit of typos in code comments and texts the player sees
  • Give the Mudlet icon to new profiles that were just copied
  • improved line-breaking in the command line
  • improved zip comment generation for package exporter
  • Improvements to command line font handling
  • Mudlet on macOS won’t give security warnings anymore
  • optional fontName, text and background transparency in createMapLabel()
  • Optional part of package exporter UI expands if there is space on macOS
  • Remove experimental label from the package exporter
  • Revise: improve debug messages when negotiating compression
  • Revise: make exporter temporary files be a sub-directory of a Mudlet one
  • Show an error in stdout when script failed to load from XML
  • Small optimization added for incoming text data
  • Update fontsize as soon as it is selected in preferences
  • Update: add some more dictionaries to the list

🔨 fixed

  • –profile CLI option will now work as expected in a lot more cases
  • fix json map room symbol loading
  • Fix markdown headers and images not playing well together
  • Fix setBorderSizes() when called with 4 arguments
  • Fix: newly created profiles will remember their connection info
  • Make f work with variable named ‘str’
  • mpackage zip comments are preserved correctly for international text
  • Package manager/exporter now work fine with non-Latin letters
  • prevent addCustomLine from crashing without custom line points
  • prevent crashing from double-click on connect button
  • Reset autowrap limit when changing the font size, if autowrap is enabled
  • Revise: fixup some package exporter results messages


Just a fraction of the work that went into the release :)