Did you know that Mudlet has a YouTube channel? It seems maybe 16 of you did. And it’s not surprising more people don’t know about it, as it’s got only one upload and that was two years ago. So today, I’m announcing Mudlet 101, an ongoing series of Mudlet tutorials, starting out by covering the very basics before working its way up to more and more advanced topics.

You can find the full playlist at Mudlet 101 and I hope you’ll come have a watch and tell us what you think.

We are launching with seven videos, ranging from how to install Mudlet on each of the three OSes it supports to how to make an alias, and we intend to try and put out one video a week covering a wide range of topics from multi-line AND triggers to extending the Geyser layout manager, it’s our hope that there will be something coming for every level of Mudlet expertise. It will also serve as an update to the tutorial videos created early in Mudlet’s life, but with newer tools and of course the latest releases of Mudlet.

I hope you find the videos informative and helpful, and I look forward to creating and sharing them with you all in the future.

Until then, happy MU*ing,