4.15 update has been out for a couple of weeks and the polls on what you liked best in it have closed! Results breakdown is:

(4 votes) Enhance labels to allow animated gifs
(1 vote) `getProfileStats()` to see # of triggers, aliases, etc from Lua
(1 vote) aborting profile close to work right
(1 vote) add ScrollBox Gui Element
(1 vote) announce how to undo it when hiding the input line buttons
(1 vote) ANSI Esc code support for MSDP
(1 vote) color trigger buttons not showing colors
(1 vote) empty newline on send with no command separator
(1 vote) Geyser.StyleSheet for managing stylesheets with inheritance

Edru’s gifs take the top crown again 🥇! I’m waiting to see how players will incorporate gifs into their interfaces – if you’ve got something nice, pop by the #show-and-tell channel in Discord.

The rest of the votes are split evenly, so I used an online random number generator to figure out who should get the 2nd and 3rd prize.

2nd place: announce how to undo it when hiding the input line buttons (Leris)

3rd place: fix color trigger buttons not showing colors (SlySven)

I realise that the polls in their current state are just way too large – so on the next poll will substantially reduce the number of options by limiting it to just two per person. That will make it a lot easier to vote, and will give great features like the sound overhaul a chance to shine more.

Big thank you to Chris Mitchell, Damian Monogue, Gustavo Sousa, Kebap, lithiumFlower, Manuel Wegmann, Mike Conley, Nils Schimmelmann, nsweeting2, Philipp, Delwing, Slobodan Terzić, Stephen Lyons, Tim Johnson, Vadim Peretokin, and 噢哎哟喂 who made 4.15 possible!

Enjoy Mudlet,