Lottie animations – essentially an animated SVG – are very handy to quickly give someone an idea of how an app works. RainforestQA, for example, has one on their homepage explaining how their QA tool works.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a similar animation on mudlet.org explaining how a MUD client works?

Many beginners struggle with the concept of MUD clients and having simplified animation of one that showed how things work would go a long way to helping them onboard quicker.

fiverr is a great place to find the artists and animators to create such an animation – but takes a creative side to exactly express what you’d like drawn & animated. We’re looking for someone who knows MUDs well and has a creative & project management side to them to make this happen – can you help? The total budget for this project is small but fits well within fiverr ranges – $100. If there’s anything extra left in the bank, you can keep it for yourself.

Get in touch in #mudlet-development on our Discord.

Enjoy Mudlet,

Photo credit to Michael Burrows.