In the land of gaming
Where adventure abounds
There’s a tool that’s revered
By players all around


It’s called Mudlet, oh Mudlet
A GUI that’s divine
For crafting your own world
And making it shine


With Lua at its heart
And C++ under the hood
It’s fast and efficient
And always up to good


Whether you’re a coder
Or just starting to learn
Mudlet has something
For everyone to earn


With a graphical map
And triggers to boot
You can make your game unique
And truly astute


So why not give it a try
And see what you can do
With Mudlet by your side
Your imagination is the limit, it’s true!


With its powerful tools
And a community to boot
Mudlet is the best choice
For crafting your own world, tooot!


So come and join the fun
And see what you can create
With Mudlet by your side
Your adventure awaits!

By @Edru / ChatGPT AI

A continuation of our theme on AI 😉