As we wave goodbye to 2023, it’s been quite a ride for all of us in the Mudlet universe! Here’s a laid-back look back at the cool stuff we’ve done this year:

  1. Speed and access for all:

We’ve been busy bees ensuring Mudlet remains quick while packing it with new goodies. Big shoutout to Raspberry Pi for keeping our tests consistent. And hey, we made Mudlet much friendlier for our pals using screen readers – because everyone deserves to game in style!

  1. Bounty program bonanza:

We kicked off a nifty bounty program, throwing open the doors to all you wonderful code wizards out there. Your brainpower has brought some awesome features to life, and we’ve been doling out cash to celebrate your contributions. Keep those ideas coming!

  1. Mudlet 4.17 and 4.17.1 improvements:

Release 4.17 was a game-changer for accessibility, and we’ve kept the momentum going with 4.17.1, squashing bugs and smoothing out the edges. Thanks to everyone who pitched in and made Mudlet a nicer place for everyone.

  1. Navigating macOS upgrade rapids:

A little hiccup with the macOS upgrade had us doing some tech gymnastics, but we got through it together. Thanks for bearing with us and manual-upgrading like champs!

  1. In the spotlight:

Our very own Vadi spilled the beans on what makes Mudlet tick in an interview, giving everyone a peek behind the curtain. It’s been awesome sharing our story and hearing from you all.

Big thanks to everyone who’s contributed to Mudlet in the course of this year: Damian Monogue, eowmob, Eraene, Geert Konijnendijk, guhitb, infina, Kebap, keneanung, kouta-kun, Marco Fontani, Martin Andersson, Mike Conley, Morquin, Piotr, Sam Sobel, Stephen Lyons, SyntacticalAnomaly, TachyonicBytes, Tausiq Samantaray, Tim Johnson, Vadim Peretokin, and Zooka.

As we roll into 2024, a big virtual hug and a high five to everyone in the Mudlet community. Your energy and creativity are what make this all so much fun. Let’s keep the good times rolling and the cool features coming. Happy New Year, and here’s to making more magic together! 🥳

Catch you in 2024,
Mudlet Makers.