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Mudlet – now on Linux, Mac, Windows

October 18th, 2008

Mudlet is now available on Windows ®, thanks to Demonnic again (he’s also helped us get the Mac version).

Here are some screenshots (the gray background will be fixed later on, along with more polish needed for the script editor):

In other news, multi-host support was implemented – meaning that you can play on multiple characters now. The code to make aliases and timers work was finished also along with split screen!

Work is now being done on the event system and much more.

PS. I’ll be heading off on vacation from Oct 19th to 26th, so probably no updates will be done for the week. I’ll catch up when I get back though!

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6 Responses

  1. Soludra

    I’m curious, what version of Windows is this being developed for? I can’t tell by the pictures, it looks like it’s using the old Win98 skin, so it could be anywhere from there to Vista.

  2. Vadi

    I think Demonnic is on XP. We’ll plan to support that and Vista.

  3. Soludra

    Great, I’m on Vista, thanks!

  4. Firey

    How will it work with XP 64-bit? Whether it makes use of 64 bit or not, I hope that it will at least work on XP 64-bit :P

  5. Heiko

    I see no reason why it shouldn’t work on 64 bit Vista.

  6. Firey

    I was thinking of 64-bit XP, not Vista :P