Hi all,

Unfortunately the Mudlet Beta will be delayed. The reason for this is that the current main display (where you see all the mud text) is too slow – while it handles fine large-spam situations like raids, it performs poorly in certain very unlikely and extreme cases when you get spammed with a lot of lines. So we’re working on implementing a simpler, much more efficient display which will boast much better performance – and this will delay the schedule.

Mudlet is still in pre-alpha though, and we’re looking for experienced scripters – preferably with Lua knowledge – to to test out the functions provided by Mudlet for scripting. This is just the time to request new features so that they can be incorporated into the design easily, or to find issues with the current ones. To get started, see the downloads page – or our forums if you need any help.

The last few developments in Mudlet have been a copy/paste function – this allows you to send text to mini windows, while preserving all of the formatting and coloring. Several bugfixes and usability improvements have also been added.