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Mudlet’s new fast display

January 21st, 2009

Mudlet’s new display (what displays the MUD text that you see) is coming together very well.

At the moment, it has scrolling, selection, copying, and split screen capabilities – with screenwidth 0 support coming next.

Preliminary tests results show that it is very fast – as intended! Given 14,258 various lines with color, the new display displayed them all in only 0.6 of a second. To compare, zMud took 2 minutes to display the same text (with cMud scrolling through at 20 seconds).

So stay tuned for when the display is finished and in use :)

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2 Responses

  1. Trevize

    Very nice. One thing that always annoyed me about zMUD is how slow it was displaying. And the splitscreen is nice, it’s the one thing MUSHclient lacks display-wise. What about speed comparison with MUSHClient?

  2. Vadi

    Same as zmuds unfortunately – ~2 mins.

    I’ll post up a video soon.