There’s been lots of work boiling around Mudlet lately – now that the new display is in, the only thing that delayed our beta is really gone, and we’re working on stabilizing/fixing up Mudlet to be beta-ready.

Secure Profiles

One of the chronic problems in MUD clients is profile corruption – when all your work just goes *poof*. We’ve took that issue very seriously, so Mudlet now has a Secure Profiles feature.

The way this works is that Mudlet makes snapshots of your profile in different time periods – and when saving, it doesn’t delete the old snapshots until they’re obsolete. This way, even if you get a power loss, your old profiles will be safe and not everything will be lost.

Improved Connection Dialog

We’ve been hard at work to polish the Connection dialog. Here are rather recent screenshots (a bit of polishing is needed, as you might notice:


We’ll be looking at improving all of Mudlet’s windows in terms of usability and aesthetics in the upcoming releases. Speaking of which – if you’re familiar with html & css, we need you! Mudlet could use a nice start page instead of the grey box that we have right now.

Import / export

Mudlet has also received import/export functionality – you can now import/export your whole profile, or selected items (for sharing). It’s rather basic for now, but does the job way better than copy/pasting. A more featureful addons system is being planned.

Improved developer process

We’re experimenting with using git, hosted on for the git code hosting. The master branch is available here – so if you’d like to make a patch, the preferred way is to setup a github account, make a branch there – and when your patch is ready, Heiko will merge your changes into the master branch.

Upcoming beta

As already mentioned, we’re working hard on making a beta-release soon (hoping to have it within a week, even). We’ve compiled a list of things we’d like to address before the beta – if you have anything to add to that, your input is welcome.