New Features

We’ve added Lua functions to create permanent aliases/triggers/timers that show up in the script editor. This means that the #alias way of creating stuff from the input line is now feasible!

Another scripting addition was that now you can check if an alias/trigger/timer exits or is enabled. You can also enable, disable, and delete them via scripting.

The trigger editor pattern list was also partially redesigned, along with the trigger editor itself – making it perform much faster.

Blaine von Roeder has also created a Variable Persistence System – which means you can now easily save your variables across sessions! The manual will be updated shortly on how to make use of this.

Additinally, Babelfish created a checho function – it allows you to easily make an echo that has colors in between, using the hex color values. Next Mudlet version will have a cecho function which will allow you to do things like cecho(“this is red green blue”)!

Bug Fixes

  • Updated to QT-4.6, removing many rendering and display issues(doubling line inputs, etc)
  • Fixed resetFormat( windowName ) to work on main console. Syntax is resetFormat().
  • Defaulted LF-after-newline to ON for GA-enabled MUDs. Fixes reported problems with IRE prompts.
  • Returning focus to Mudlet no longer causes incorrect characters to be hilighted in the command line.
  • Pressing up when the command line is empty now selects the last sent command.
  • Timer Folders no longer spam the Debug Console with execute announcements
  • Debug console now shows correct capture groups for Aliases and Triggers (Bug 493400)
  • LuaGlobal and Mudlet Documentation now properly updated on Mudlet start
  • Colorizer triggers renamed to “Highlight Triggers” (Cosmetic)