Mudlet 1.1.0 is now available for download for Windows, Linux and Mac, bringing a whole new set of features, bugfixes, and improvements!

Just because there are so many new things, the this announcement will cover the general things that you as a user will notice, and the follow-up one will cover things that scripters would be happy about.

Display improvements

Mudlets custom-made, and already the fastest text display among MUD clients received many improvements in 1.1.0. Still keeping the speed advantage, it received a lot of work to make it better – gone are the black rectangles, selection blowing up, and tough times scrolling. Additionally, the blank space that sometimes appeared between the input line and the MUD text is gone, and commands are now shown are now on the last line, not a line of their own. Commands can have their color customized as well. The default setting for text is now with anti-aliasing enabled, making first look experience more pleasurable.

A menu bar

Should you not like the big buttons in the main window or want to reclaim some screen real estate, you can now use a menu bar to access the common things instead of a toolbar. To enable it, see SettingsGeneral.

Auto-resizable and multiline input line

When you’re typing up a long sentence, you’ll notice that the input line will now smartly resize to accommodate it. This makes roleplay much easier since long emotes will be clearly visible at once now. As a bonus, you can also insert new lines without sending a command first.

Here’s an overview of the keybindings you can use with the input line now:

Key Effect
Enter Send command
Cursor up/down Command history if empty, command completion otherwise
Tab or shift+tab Word completion from the MUD text
Ctrl+enter Close splitscreen
Shift+enter Add new line in the command line without sending the command yet
Ctrl+up/down Move cursor up/down in the command line (multiline)
Left/right Move cursor left/right


Mudlet now supports ATCP and the Composer feature – which means that in IRE-based and other MUDs that support it, when you’ll start editing text a popup window will show up and you’ll be able to easily edit the text. This is the same as the Composer feature of the Nexus client.

Just a small note though – if you’re using a proxy to connect to a game, like MudBot or Vadi Multiclient, you’d need to get in touch with the person you got it from. By default, those proxys strip ATCP information and thus the Composer won’t work.

Notable misc fixes

Rejoice! The command separator option now gets remembered, so you can change it and have Mudlet remember it after a restart. Additionally, keybindings will no longer jump out of their groups but stay in them as expected. A lot of other things were fixed as well – and as always, if you find a problem do let us know.


Mudlet 1.1.0 casual overview