We on the Mudlet team are investigating Mudlet’s pathfinding performance. Mudlet has been available to players for five years now, and the mapper capability of it for about three – allowing plenty of time for people to find ways to push the client to the limits. We’ve had anecdotal evidence that the pathfinding performance isn’t up to par on everybody’s combination of machine and map – so we’d like to do some concrete investigation on this, and improve the performance.

We’ll do the investigation in two stages:

  1. collect real-world Mudlet maps: this would show us what kinds of scenarios are practically used out there, so that when optimizing the pathfinding algorithm, we account for all cases that are practical, and don’t need to have the impractical ones slowing pathfinding down.
  2. create a benchmark: this would help us test current performance on all of the maps we gather, and improved performance as we optimize the algorithm. We’ll also release this benchmark to you, the users, so you can test on  your own hardware setups and give us some numbers.


We’ll start by collecting maps to analyze. If you’ve mapped something in Mudlet, please help us improve by submitting your map!