Mudlet 3.0.0 beta is here – this is the second preview of the upcoming 3.0 release! In this version, we only focused on fixing new issues have have been introduced in 3.0 – such that 3.0 is no worse, only better, than 2.1 quality-wise. It is also, of course, better feature-wise :).

Please provide all feedback (don’t delay!) on our forums.

Documentation is still in progress of being updated for all new features.

Below is the summary of changes in preview #2. See preview #1 for a list of all the new things in 3.0!

Splash screen

The artificial delays in the splashscreen have been removed, making Mudlet startup much faster. Enjoy!

MSDP fixes

You can now toggle MSDP on/off in settings, like you can with GMCP. This is needed for MUDs which disable GMCP if they’re sending MSDP – which would break your GMCP scripts.


The sendMSDP() function has been fixed to work – you can now do sendMSDP(“LIST”, “REPORTABLE_VARIABLES”) for example.

Text cutoff in tabbed chat

Text has been getting cut off in miniconsoles, the most obvious effect of this being seen in tabbed chats like YATCO. This has now been fixed.

Windows installer

The Windows installer has been improved and is now signed, so it does not show the “unknown developer” dialog anymore – the developer is now verified and far less dodgy:




See changelog below for what else has made it in:

  • added a openWebPage() Lua function which opens a URL (it was supposed to make it in the alpha)
  • added a toggle for enabling MSDP in settings
  • fixed a crash when browsing variables tab in the editor
  • fixed option for turning off GMCP not working
  • fixed sendMSDP() to actually work
  • fixed text getting cut off in miniconsoles (and thus tabbed chats) on paste
  • fixed the first letter of ‘What’ in IRE games at login showing up as ￉
  • fixed variables toggling their status when clicking away from them
  • removed artificial delays from the splash screen
  • room deletion has been massively sped up
  • tabs have been reverted to show up as tabs again instead of spaces