The last 3.0 preview is available now! This preview focused extensively on fixes, covering off a lot of the issues that were present in epsilon and iota – if you’ve been using 3.0.0-delta preview for a long while, this is the preview you want to have a look at.

Should no major issues be discovered, Mudlet 3.0 will be released on March 24, 2017!

iota profile crash fixed

The previous iota preview for Windows did not have the right libraries for accessing db: from Lua, causing profiles that use databases to crash. This has been fixed and all profiles will load correctly now as they did before.

New default MUD: Midnight Sun 2

MUDs that get onto Mudlet’s default profiles list are ones that either contribute to the open Mudlet project, or those that go the extra mile to add a great gaming experience for their players on Mudlet. Midnight Sun 2 is one such game – check out their Mudlet integration here.

macOS fixes

Black toolbar

An issue specific to 3.0 previews of Mudlet – opening the mapper would cause the toolbar to go black or have other sorts of graphical corruption. This has been fixed!



Slow resizing

3.0 previews were also pretty slow when resizing on macOS the window with graphics in it – performance has been improved a fair bit to the point where it’s acceptable.

No background in installer

The awesome background in the macOS installer is back after taking a vacation in the last few previews.

Alias/Trigger/etc export

Exporting items from Mudlet will no longer add two .xml.xml suffixes on macOS if you select an existing xml file to overwrite, and will properly overwrite it as you intend.

Zips / nested folders in packages fixed

Package loading behaviour has been fixed, you’ll find that packages that loaded in 2.1 but no longer in 3.0 previews will work again. This means that automatic graphics installation on games such as GodWars 2 and Midnight Sun 2 will work again as well.

WoTMUD URL fixed

The game URL for the default WotMUD profile has been fixed and you are able to connect to it without adjusting it.

Lua db: fixes

A few more improvements have made their way to the Lua database layer that’s provided with Mudlet. If you have a patched copy of it in your scripts, this is the release to see if you still require those fixes – and if you do, let us know!

New function: ansi2decho()

A new function, ansi2decho(), allows you to transform raw colour-encoded ANSI to the decho function. See examples here.

Default scripts updated

The IRE mapping script and 3k mapper scripts that come with Mudlet updated have been updated – all new profiles created will load a far more recent version of the scripts than before. An honourable mention goes to the Generic Mapper Script, which you’ll find useful if you need to setup Mudlet’s mapper to work on a non-IRE or 3k MUD.

setExitStub() fixed

The setExitStub() function has been fixed to allow for in/out exit stubs.

Linux installer

The Linux installer is no more – mostly since it didn’t actually work all that well. Instead, in addition to PPA’s on Ubuntu, Mudlet now provides an AppImage – a portable, stand-alone version of Mudlet that you can just download and run on many Linux distributions. This is our first time using it so we’d love to hear your feedback on this.

Windows installer improved

The Windows installer has been improved: the .exe now has an icon, and icons for Mudlet show up in the Control Panel and on the Start Menu. Additionally, options for creating shortcuts in the Start Menu and on the Desktop are now present.

Minimised script editor fixes

If you minimised the alias/trigger/script editor, pressing on the Mudlet buttons to open it again wouldn’t do anything – you’d have to open the window from your task bar. This has been fixed: if you minimise the trigger window for example, you can press the triggers button again and the window will come up.

regex errors are now correctly reported

Regex errors in triggers and aliases are now reported as they should – previously, you could see a blank error message or the old message. No more!

mccp toggling works

Disabling and re-enabling MCCP compression now works correctly and won’t corrupt the output anymore.


Mudlet is an open project and it would not be possible to keep going year after year without so many contributions. Big thanks to Darksix, dicene, Erik Pettis, Jor’Mox, keneanung, Nyyrazzilyss, Rockhound, Stephen Lyons, and everyone else who helped to make it happen!

That’s it for this 3.0.0-kappa preview! We’re inching closer to the 3.0 final release, with the release date currently set at March 24th, 2017.

Discord community

And, one last thing, Mudlet now has a Discord server! Join up.