In what is the 10th big update this year, Mudlet 3.6 is here! This update is awesome and includes a ton of new features. Update your Mudlet and check ’em out below. Happy Holidays! 🎇

Code beautifier

It’s 2017! We have now the technology to turn your ugly code into less ugly code. Amazing!

@vadi2 integrated @martin-eden‘s Lua formatter to make this magic happen.

Clicking on the mapper

@WackyWormer got fed up with not being able to click on the mapper when there’s a label under it and fixed it! You can now interact with the mapper the same way you can with the pop-out version.

Signed macOS updates

Mudlet on macOS is now signed, so you can just double-click on Mudlet to launch it now:

Windows updates will be signed in the next release as well – we’re working on that. Big thanks to the folks over at Iron Realms for stepping up to help us with the funds for this when we put out a call for help in our previous update – we at Mudlet appreciate this. Check out what IRE is about below:


Like what Mudlet is doing? Contribute to the project to help us cover the costs of running it!

Wizard-less installation

Wizards are gone – Mudlet now installs a lot quicker and without a lot of clicks to go through! Because it’s a new way of installing, you’ll want to manually uninstall all of the previous Mudlets else you’ll have a few copies of them around.

Search on Google

Don’t know what that fancy word you saw in the game means? Look it up!

Same goes for code. Got a confusing error message? Select, right-click, Google.

DuckDuckGo and Bing are available as search engines alternatives. Props to @gilmoa for adding this feature!

Select all right-click option

Quickly select all text for copying with this handy right-click option added by @WackyWormer.

New features for UI makers

@WackyWormer went on a spree to beef up Mudlets UI customisation ability and added scrollbars to miniconsoles!

They’re off by default as they were before, and you can enable them with enableScrollBar().

There are also new functions to allow more interactivity with labels: setLabelReleaseCallback(), setLabelDoubleClickCallback(), setLabelMoveCallback(), and setLabelWheelCallback(). All of these functions as well as the existing setLabelClickCallback() and setLabelReleaseCallback() functions will receive an additional table as an argument detailing the x,y coordinates of the mouse, what other buttons are pressed at the time, and more. Check out the new possibilities!

New prompt trigger type

vadi2 added an easier way to make prompt triggers: you can now match on the prompt just by selecting prompt from the dropdown!

This is lot faster than the Lua way of doing return isPrompt(), so if you’ve got those triggers – update your system for a speedup!

There is also a corresponding tempLineTrigger() function available.

Built-in updates

Mudlet can now update itself! Starting with the next update – so not this one – it’ll be able to upgrade to the new version. This’ll make it easier to stay up to date with the new features, and it’ll make it easier to write scripts as more people will have the modern version.

In case you missed it…

You can change themes in the editor! Just go to the preferences section:

Multi-cursor editing is a thing as well. If you’re typing with 3 cursors at once, you are obviously thrice as productive:

And you can copy/paste aliases/triggers!


  • added ‘select all’ right-click option
  • added a Lua code formatter right-click option
  • added a right-click option to search online
  • added enableScrollBar(), disableScrollBar() to show scrollbars in miniconsoles
  • added new types of callbacks for UI builders: setLabelDoubleClickCallback(), setLabelMoveCallback(), and setLabelWheelCallback()
  • added prompt type trigger
  • added self-updating feature to Mudlet
  • added setButtonStyleSheet() to customise the look of buttons from code
  • added timeframe() function to make variables toggles quickly
  • enabled preferences to be open when no profile is yet open
  • fixed crash when dragging floating windows around
  • fixed mapper clicks to work when labels are under it
  • fixed Mudlet buttons names to be unique, so you can customise them
  • improved error messages on setMiniConsoleFontSize()
  • improved setClickCallback and setReleaseCallback to fire on any button, not just the left. Currently pressed buttons also get passed as arguments
  • GMCP now handles utf8
  • various improvements under the hood

Big thanks to 12thPower, develop-build, gilmoa, itsTheFae, keneanung, macjabeth, moonpatroller, Rajiv2605, SlySven, vadi2, and WackyWormer for making this release happen. Mudlet’s code is free and open – if you’re ever curious about tinkering with it, we can show you the ropes!