Surprise release! Consider this a Christmas present. We found an important bug with the colour triggers and we’ve fixed it promptly for you, plus added a ton of other goodies!

As you can see, Mudlet is a team effort, a collaboration of many people. Looking to learn something new for Christmas? Join in, everyone is welcome to help make playing MUDs more awesome!

Colour triggers wipe bug fixed

With the inclusion of a prompt trigger type, colour triggers were unintentionally getting wiped when you selected them – no more, SlySven has fixed this.

Default profiles can now be deleted

Not interested in all of the games? You can now remove them! vadi2 added this and Ansrare complemented it by setting the input focus to the profile name field, speeding up the process.

mudlet-data symlink

Mudlet now create the mudlet-data link from your home folder to your profiles just once. If you don’t like it – you can delete it, and Mudlet will not re-create it again like it did before. Thanks to Lyle-Tafoya for adding this!

getColumnCount() and getRowCount() added

hluaces needed to know many letters can fit column and row-wise in the main window or a miniconsole for his MUD – so he added two new functions for that! If you’d like to see improvements in Mudlet for your game as well, feel free to take a stab at it.

Events now support functions and tables

You can now pass functions and tables through Mudlets event system! This means that all of Lua’s datatypes are now supported. WackyWormer implemented this very efficiently, so even passing through a Geyser widget as an argument is OK.

require() your custom code

gilmoa added improvements which make require() work with your Mudlet packages! Should you have some custom Lua code you’d like to load, see here on how can you get it in. No longer do you need to mess with the package.path yourself.

moveWindow() and resizeWindow() for userwindows

Thanks to itsTheFae‘s additions, you are now able to move around and resize the userwindows: the ones that can pop out of Mudlet.

Linux packagers: disable updater variable added

SlySven updated our cmake and qmake files and you can now use export WITH_UPDATER=”no” to disable the built-in updater in your Linux builds.

Additionally, note that 3rdparty/lua_code_formatter has been renamed to 3rdparty/lcf.

3.7.1 addendum

UI loading and the formatter not loading on macOS have been fixed up as well!

Miscallaneous improvements

  • Mudlet will properly quit again if the Debug console was open (SlySven)
  • fixed automatic updates to be saved right if you opened settings without any profiles open (SlySven)
  • fixed font size to be saved correctly (Lyle-Tafoya)
  • fixed the changelog not to show up during development (vadi2)
  • fixed updater window to look properly on dark themes (pentacent)
  • fixed setBold, setItalic, setUnderline() to properly work on miniconsoles and userwindows (vadi2)
  • improved ansi2decho for ANSI bold (hluaces)
  • fixed error messages in setTextFormat (SlySven)
  • fixed Windows install image to be proper size (vadi2)
  • fixed setLabelClickCallback and raiseEvent() to be able to work together (WackyWormer)