Ever wanted to benchmark your Mudlet setup to see how quick it is? demonnic‘s newly-updated Stressinator is just the tool for that.

While demonnic was building the update, he was playing with it and found out that somewhere along the lines from a release 5 years ago to now, Mudlet’s already fast display sped up by 20%. The thing is, we never put more work into making it faster because it was already fast.

This got me curious so I did some digital archeology (git bisect), and tracked it down to a totally unrelated maintenance commit from SlySven that replaced a deprecated timer class with one that is more focused to measuring time difference between two events. The ‘new’ timer class, introduced to Qt 15 years ago, is much more efficient – and given how fast the text display already is, it was helping contribute significant performance benefits :)

Funny how that works, but we’ll take it!

Enjoy Mudlet,