Yes, it is here! Go download now.

There are installers for Windows and Ubuntu, with a Mac in plans. Mudlet at this point is a quite usable client for everyday gaming – we’d like you to stress it as much as you can, make it crash, find flaws or find new features that you’d like! Let us know, because we’re listening.

Changes since the pre-alpha version:

  • Switched to the PCRE 7.6 regex engine which is much more powerful
  • Enabled the new speed display by default
  • Improved scripting support with more functions (see help manual)
  • Improved trigger engine with trigger chains and multicondition triggers – many bugfixes and improvements
  • Added support for XML packages, including import/export!
  • Added customizable button bars
  • Switched from qmake to cmake for building (qmake is still left as backup though)
  • Improved command line autocompletion
  • Added buffer limiting to Mudlet (right now it’s hardcoded at 100k lines with 10k batch deletion; this will be customizable later)
  • Added small screen netbook support
  • … and a more detailed changelog is available on our git page.

Caveats in the beta version:

  • Settings from the pre-alpha won’t be transferred – but if you’ve made lot of them and wouldn’t like to lose them, let us know and we’ll add a converter
  • The interface polishing is not done – does look ugly / unusable in some places, but the functionality should be there