The final version of Mudlet 2.0 is now available! This is the official latest stable release, superseding 1.1.1. The highlight of the release is the fully-scriptable mapper that is available within Mudlet. Enjoy!




Please provide all the feedback you’ve got for our 2.0 release on our forums! If you’d like to place a feature request for new versions, please do so here.


(an overview of 2.0 will be coming soon)

▸ RELEASE: Mudlet-2.0
▸ FIX: default package installation was incorrect
▸ Fix Ahmed Charles: buffer::deleteLines() isn’t safe when deleting multiple lines (purely academic as this function is never used to delete more than one line, but it’s clearly a bug nevertheless)
▸ FIX: mapper visual editor regression: moving single rooms
▸ install a few default packages in new profiles
▸ UPDATE: different icons for 3k und 3s
▸ NEW Vadim Peretokin: mapper remembers settings
▸ NEW Chris Mitchell: mapper open event & support for new games 3Kingdom and 3Scapes with mapper script
▸ Merge branch ‘3k’
▸ UPDATE: sync with latest mudlet-lua
▸ NEW: uninstallPackage() Lua function
▸ UPDATE: mapper: the missing map script reminder is only shown once because it’s too error prone (->init script sequence) to remove and generally pretty annoying
▸ add games 3k & 3s
▸ NEW: package exporter can now build fully fledged Mudlet packages with a package configuration file and arbitrary additional content. This is currently limited to windows because of missing quazip in other builds
▸ FIX: modules sync patch broke package installation
▸ NEW Chris Mitchell: package exporter (cannot make mpackages or zip packages yet)
▸ version name
▸ FIX Chris Mitchell: modules didn’t sync correctly
▸ NEW: mapper: setMapZoom(int) to zoom the mapper if you don’t have a mouse wheel
▸ NEW: mapper: createMapImageLabel() SYNTAX: int labelID = createMapImageLabel( int area, string filePath, float posx, float posy, float posz, float width, float height, float zoom, bool showOnTop=true )
▸ NEW: major mapper upgrade part 2 new label features complete
▸ NEW: major mapper update  & new map export function exportMapArea() grid area fast render optimization dropped because it is too intransparent for the user when a large number of grid maps needs to be resized on slow machines
▸ NEW: mapper custom lines complete
▸ FIX: event handlers got called multiple times
▸ NEW: mapper: shrink + spread selected room group | misc mapper fixes tbc.
▸ NEW: installPackage()
▸ FIX: incorrect mini console size
▸ Mudlet 2.0-test7 release
▸ temporarily reenable old labels
▸ UPDATE: mudlet-lua updated to latest
▸ NEW: Mapper visualizes one way exits | custom lines show correctly now
▸ FIX: getRoomCoordinates() now returns nil, nil, nil on fail instead of raising a Lua error
▸ NEW: mapper visualize one way exits
▸ NEW Vadim Peretokin: import/export map buttons  | copy maps to other profiles | getAreaTableSwap() to deal with areas with duplicate names
▸ Fix Chris Mitchell: exit stubs to same room don’t show
▸ FIXES Vadim Peretokin: button UI update | Linux compile | GMCP strip \r | Lua function conditions behave more Lua like with respect to their return value
▸ NEW: greying out of locked objects part2
▸ NEW: greying out locked objects part 1
▸ FIX: showToolBar() moves focus to tool bar
▸ FIXES: screen renders correctly with changing button bars | GUI: remember color on unsaved color triggers
▸ UPDATE: IRE mapper script updated to latest project version
▸ FIX by Kenneth Chik: logging no longer stops unexpectedly
▸ FIX: ‘>’ were not translated correctly to HTML
▸ FIX: button clicks were not reliable
▸ FIX: link and mouse selection problems in timestamp mode
▸ FIX: insertLink() | FIX: make setExitStub() more Lua customs compliant
▸ NEW: sysConnectionEvent &+sysDisconnectionEvent | FIX: mapdownload from server is more resilient
▸ FIX: loadMap() automatically opens the mapper now
▸ NEW: sysDownloadError passes file name as event parameter
▸ FIX: disappearing scroll bar with active tool bars|NEW: windowResizeEvents pass consoleName  as parameter now
▸ FIX: enable map download without open mapper
▸ remove debug messages for final 2.0 release
▸ UPDATE: Mudlet Lua API reference updated to current online version
▸ FIX: on broken maps not all special exit ids correspond to room ids. until the source of the problem has been found this is a workaround
▸ Vadim Peretokin: improved error reports for send()
▸ NEW Vadim Peretokin: allow to use functions in tables as event handlers
▸ NEW: fast non grid maps mapper widget resize
▸ FIX by Vadim Peretokin: error messages in event handler function calls
▸ NEW: limited MXP send PROMPT attribute support to write to command line NOTE: PROMPT must be at the very end of the tag otherwise it’s not supported because of performance considerations because this feature is not widely used
▸ Patch by Nick Clark: switch session tabs with crtl+tab|fix: mini console got focus
▸ switch to quazip library instead of luazip for easier windows builds
▸ patch by Chris Mitchell: feature: scriptable mapper user menus
▸ patch by Chris Mitchell: update profile modules
▸ mapper: fast map loading and map initialization
▸ mapper: Fix 3D rendering
▸ mapper: map editor: room moves only after right click move again
▸ mapper: new fully featured map labels
▸ mapper: list widget that hold the currently selected rooms shows up if multiple rooms are selected to allow for easy room selection|general room selection improvements
▸ mapper: new features of the visual map editor: select custom lines and edit the points visually or delete the line with delete key|ensure custom lines are visible even if the originating room isn’t
▸ fixed item editing & deletion of new special exits dialog
▸ patch by Vadim Peretokin: add a config file to packages that contains the package name instead of always using the file name as package name
▸ patch by Carter Dewey: make search function in trigger editor case insensitive
▸ patch Vadim Peretokin: redesigned special exit dialog|new delete special exit with delete key functionality
▸ Fix: Ubuntu 12 compile
▸ patch by Steven Rose: Fix:disable event handlers in disabled groups|Fix:getWindowMainWindowSize()
▸ Features: mapper clickable labels, move, delete|center area map on area switch|Fix:getSpecialExitSwap()|Fix:mapper GUI edit existing special exit
▸ mapper: extended room selction with control+LMB=add room to current group selection, alt+LMB=move map with mouse|Fix: room weight GUI
▸ Fix: small MXP issue|Fix: include proper openGL headers for Qt4.8
▸ Fix: Z_STREAM_END handling
▸ Fix: mapper exit dialog crash
▸ Fix: Geyser locale problems on Linux
▸ Fix: text copy to clipboard
▸ critical Fix: package manager|Fix: button packages
▸ FIX: timer regression
▸ misc fixes: alias and timer package install issues | offset timer problem | misc changes
▸ mapper: visual room selection with LMB+crtl key again, panning now with LMB+crtl
▸ FIX:timer packages|FIX:Alias sometimes didn’t enable in packages|FIX: misc
▸ FIX: special exit locking|FIX: special exit add different exit cmd to same roomID|FIX:buttons: always run checkbox button scripts on startup, but no other buttons
▸ fix: crash on invalid buffer selection
▸ fix: old maps couldn’t be loaded properly
▸ Mudlet-2.0-test4-final
▸ Mudlet-2.0-test4
▸ Merge branch ‘master’ of ssh://
▸ Chris Mitchell: shared modules history and fixes for his  mapper patch
▸ misc bug fixes
▸ Merge branch ‘master’ of ssh://
▸ Fix: make irc-window resizeable on macs
▸ misc bug fixes
▸ clean up generic mapper script
▸ Debian BSD compile patch by Martin Hoekstra
▸ large feature patch by Chris Mitchell shared moduly system|mapper improvements|new Lua functions|misc
▸ include default ire mapper script
▸ preliminary generic mapper script
▸ misc and mudlet-lua update
▸ mapper speed upgrade
▸ mapper upgrades
▸ server auto gui server controlled upgrade ability
▸ misc new functions|256color fix|last touches
▸ finished sound support
▸ buffer search
▸ mapper upgrade 3
▸ mapper upgrade2
▸ make map scrollable|map no longer centred if current room is being moved
▸ mac-rc8
▸ missing files
▸ initial mac build
▸ new func: setAppStyleSheet(css) to fully customize Mudlet
▸ generic sound path
▸ Allow multiple xml files per package|better unzip function|package icons
▸ automatic GUI package download and install controlled by server
▸ patch V. Peretokin: build fixes for Linux
▸ Merge branch ‘packages’
▸ package system implemented
▸ package definition and install
▸ save and restore room user data
▸ improved path finding speed significantly
▸ Fix: copyToHtml misses last character in line
▸ show timer statistics and general statistics upgrade
▸ dots in profile names must be allowed
▸ added missing ui file
▸ proper removal from profile list|prevent out-of-branch recursion
▸ improved connection dialog
▸ Merge branch ‘vc’
▸ mudlet now complies on both MSVC10 and MinGW4.4
▸ turn off debug logging for release version
▸ Merge branch ‘mxp’
▸ godWars2 compatibility
▸ mxp links done
▸ ignore < and > inside parameters
▸ new feature: MXP
▸ missing part of geyser bug fix commit
▸ added credits to Karsten Bock to the about dialog
▸ critical bug fix geyser
▸ unix build fix
▸ bugfix: GMCP table merging
▸ windows build modifications
▸ new option for de facto auto logging  in conjunction with the auto save option i.e. the state of the log button is remembered if the profile was saved and logging is resumed on future sessions.
▸ support for user defined spell check dictionaries and option to disable spell check
▸ cancel option for both profile and application close events
▸ heavily improved spell check with suggestions
▸ patch Karsten Bock: Geyser improvements 2
▸ patch Karsten Bock: Geyser improvements
▸ Fixes #767640, Need a saveMap([location]) function
▸ Extended reconnection notification to special options. It looks much better.
▸ Fixes #731331, Mudlet should warn that a restart is necessary after the GMCP option is toggled
▸ Made the error box have rounded corners, making it a bit nicer. Screenshot:
▸ Added missing linebreaks to logging & replay recording
▸ Fixes #591888, getNetworkLatency is registered twice
▸ Fixes #551230 ( – better tooltip for latency indicators
▸ Fixes #550316 (, enables Client.Map for ATCP
▸ improved error messages in permAlias
▸ if using LuaJIT, adjust the cpath to look in /usr/lib as well – it doesn’t by default
▸ Renamed ‘Script Editor’ -> ‘Script editor’ in strings
▸ Added a helpful warning window when the map is open and mudlet.mapper_script isn’t defined as true. Mapping scripts should define this variable at initialization to let Mudlet know that a mapping script exists. Otherwise, users are left wondering why isn’t the mapper not working.
▸ Cleanup of Lua API error messages Fixed capitalization in menu entries
▸ Made LuaJIT optional and preferred if it exists
▸ Window title will now reflect the currently selected profile.
▸ Tab bar will be hidden is only one tab is left (it would stay if you closed all tabs but one, wasting screen space)
▸ Added true/false = roomExists(id)
▸ bugfix: ansi bgcolors were not always displayed correctly
▸ Mudlet-2.0-rc3: registerAnonymousEventHandlerFunction(e,f) to allow for scriptable event handlers|Mac GUI fix
▸ added new Geyser files contributed by Karsten Bock
▸ log to html fix|copytohtml fixes|MAC GUI linedelta 2small fix
▸ Mudlet-2.0-rc2 | new Geyser features by Karsten Bock
▸ bugfix: unresponsiveness after import
▸ bugfix: temptrigs/timers showing after import
▸ bugfix: logon screens are now properly displayed
▸ 2 bugfix patches by BenH mccp & mouse selection | gmcp tables can now be merged instead of being replaced if the keys are registered to be merge tables
▸ mapper upgrade
▸ misc mapper updates
▸ onConnect() and sendSocket()
▸ missing files
▸ manual update
▸ more mapper functions
▸ mapper: more functions
▸ mapper upgrade
▸ missing updated file
▸ windows problems with lib lua_yajl needs to be compiled into Mudlet
▸ ADD: missing God Wars II icon
▸ FIX: gmcp fix2 (data integrity + child event propagation)
▸ FIX: scroll bug | ADD: GodWars2 profile
▸ gmcp fixes 1
▸ sysDataSendRequest to intercept command sending|tempBeginOfLineTrigger()|tempExactMatchTrigger()
▸ centerview( roomID ) function
▸ patch Vadim Peretokin: GMCP support
▸ added missing file
▸ git update to Mudlet-1.2.0-pre4